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118. Two old ladies bickering like two teens

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

By Giulio D'Ercole

Doing Street photography in Rome is a bliss. Walking around major squares and backstreets one can witness and document modern life, street artists and scenes that literally seems to come to you from a charming traditional past. Taking a street-photography tour and workshop with Rome Photo Fun Tours means having the opportunity to capture life as it happens and crystallizing its sweetest taste with one ready and fast click. Being a good street photographer is to be incredibly aware of the world around us... and an amazing thief.

This is what I teach in my #Romephotofuntous #streetphotographyworkshops, together with technique and the ability to see.

I shot this picture in a small alley in the #jewishghetto, the beautiful Roman neighborhood between #TeatroMarcello, #isolatiberina, #piazzaargentina, and #viaarenula.

More information on the Jewish Ghetto is in the blog n. 58.

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